Admission Requirements


Admission Requirements 
The following are the minimum admission requirements for a candidate to be offered a place in the Executive MBA  programme.
Satisfactory evidence of educational attainment and scholarship as indicated by:
1. A minimum of B.Sc. 2nd class honours degree from the University of Port Harcourt or from any other University recognized by the Senate of the University of Port Harcourt. 
2. HND Upper Division from a recognized institution plus a Post Graduate Diploma at a CGPA of 3.5 or more. 
Other Admission Requirements
(i) All candidates must have minimum of three years managerial/administrative experience. 
(ii) All candidates must have demonstrated adequate intellectual capacity, professionalism, maturity and effective decision – making and problem solving potentials during the university’s admission test and interview. 
(iii) Candidates with good quantitative background and some basic knowledge of Economics will have added advantage. 
(iv) Holders of HND and/or professional qualification in administration disciplines are eligible for admission but must go through a mandatory post-graduate diploma.


Admission Requirements 
The following are the minimum admission requirements for a candidate to be offered a place in the UPBS Postgraduate Diploma courses.
1. B.Sc. honours degree of the University of Port Harcourt or of any other University recognized by the Senate of the University of Port Harcourt, in Engineering, Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Health Sciences or Humanities
2. HND in Business Administration, with merit or credit from a recognized institution
3. Finals of ICAN, ACA, ACCA, and other acceptable professional bodies
A lower level qualification together with proven appropriate experience at the management level may be acceptable. 
Procedure for Admission
The completed application forms, transcripts, and results of the entrance examination shall be sent to the Director, UPBS. The Director UPBS, in consultation with faculty of UPBS, and using the National Universities Commission guidelines for admission into Post Graduate Diploma and Executive MBA programmes shall recommend to the Director the candidates to be admitted to UPBS. The Director shall forward the recommended names to the Secretary of UPBS for letters of admission to UPBS.
Candidates who received admission letters shall proceed to the Office of the Secretary UPBS for registration, with the following documents:
Admission letter
Original Certificate for verification
Original NYSC Discharge Certificate or Exemption Certificate
Evidence of Payment of prescribed fees.
Deferment of Registration
A candidate may be allowed for good reasons to defer his/her registration for a year on the recommendation of the Director UPBS. Candidates applying for such deferment shall complete the appropriate deferment form and pay the appropriate deferment fee of N20,000. The maximum period allowed for deferment of registration shall be one year.
Late Registration
All students who fail to register within the registration period shall pay prescribed late registration fees of N50,000.
Lapsed Registration
A candidate’s registration shall be deemed to have lapsed on the following grounds:
1. Failure to register for a Course 
2. Failure to present oneself for examination at the expiration of approved maximum period of the programme
3. Inability to complete the requirements of the programme within the approved maximum period.
4. A registration that has lapsed on the grounds stated above shall not be reactivated.
Financial Information*
Fees for the PGDprogramme shall be N700,000 for the weekend programme and N600,000 for the weekday programme, fully paid at registration. In exceptional circumstances, students may be allowed to pay 50% of the fees at registration and the balance within 30 days of registration.
Students shall not be allowed into classrooms or to participate in any program if they have not fully paid the requisite fees.
Pro-rate Fees
Payment on a pro rate basis has been abolished by the University of Port Harcourt from the 1991/1992 session
Refund of Fees
No partial refund of fees shall be made for any student, once a programme has started.
*The UPBS reserves the right to change the fees payable for a particular programme.
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